Proven experience and leadership in crypto.

David Siemer
Managing Partner

David Siemer cofounded Wavemaker Partners in 2003.  Wavemaker includes five funds with AUM of $185M in the US and Southeast Asia which have all posted top-decile returns.  Wavemaker is the most active investor in Southern California and Southeast Asia – having made investments in over 250 companies.  David also founded Siemer & Associates LLC., a technology focused investment bank, which he sold to CEC Capital in 2016.  David is the cofounder of Wavemaker Genesis.  Dave has spent his career leveraging his deep understanding of technology and enterprise building to help tech companies reach their full potential throughout their life cycle.  He is passionate about the power of the blockchain to enable a new generation of technology and innovation.  Dave has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2014.  

Scott Walker
Managing Partner

A Serial Entrepreneur, Walker began his tech career in 1995 launching several companies.  He was the founder and CEO of Atrinsic, which he grew to over $100m in sales and 250 employees. In 2007 he took the company public on NASDAQ: ATRN. In early 2012, Scott fell in love with Blockchain technology, beginning with cofounding a Bitcoin mining operation with crypto pioneer Brock Pierce. From there, Scott invested in several early stage crowdsales including Ethereum, EOS, Blockv, CVC, Storj, Funfair, and dozens of others. A founding LP in Blockchain Capital, Scott is one of the most knowledgeable and connected crypto investors in the sector.

Alon Goren

Alon Goren is a very influential serial fintech entrepreneur turned investor. His fintech newsletter is read by tens of thousands of subscribers every month.  Prior to joining Wavemaker Genesis, Alon founded InvestedIn, a technology company that powered hundreds of millions of dollars in online investment transactions, and worked at tech giants Amazon, IMDb and MySpace. His passion for helping grow early-stage startups led him to create of one of Southern California’s largest group of investors and entrepreneurs, 805 Startups. Alon is also co-founder of Crypto Invest Summit, one of the world’s largest crypto investment conferences.

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson is an integral member of the team at Wavemaker Genesis, partnering with leadership to develop and implement growth strategies and manage key firm relationships. She oversees the firm’s operations, legal & regulatory strategy, marketing strategy and events. Ms. Anderson is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Chicago Law School.

Les Borsai
Partner, Wavemaker Genesis Labs

Les Borsai is one of the leading executives in the technology space, advising some of the prominent players in the emerging music, gaming and cryptocurrency industries, including market leaders Ripple, RightMesh, YouNow and Backstage Play as well as founding WetNet. Other clients in his portfolio are Zynga Inc., Shazam, Giphy, Allihoopa and Membran Entertainment Group in addition to managing Grammy winner and platinum recording artist Wynonna Judd.